Rearrange Your Columns – Sort from Left to Right

Did you know that you can sort data from Left to Right in Excel? In my experience, most people do not realize that you can.

Have you ever been asked¬† – or wanted – to rearrange your columns in Excel? Probably, yes. This is a fairly common request. And, if you are like most Excel users, you insert a blank column and then “Cut and Paste” to arrange your columns the way that you want them.


There is an easier way to rearrange your columns of data – Learn to “Sort Across Columns.” Sort your data from Left to Right.

Watch this short Excel Video Lesson to learn how:

Here are the steps to follow in this lesson:

  1. Insert a blank “dummy row” above your Column Headers Row (if necessary).
  2. Place a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) in each cell in the “dummy row.” This will indicate the order you want to rearrange your columns in from Left to Right.
  3. Select a cell in your data set. Select Data – Sort.
  4. Check, “MY Data Range has NO Headers.”
  5. Click, OPTIONS and select “Sort from Left to Right.” Click OK and Click OK.

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NEW! Download The Excel Workbook used in this video lesson:


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  1. all teh above looks nice , now i have my data sheet arranged from right to left in other words my A column comes on the right side of the screen and moves down B, C D towards the left ..Does anyone know how can i get it back to normal , i have office 2007


  1. […] I just added an “interactive copy” of my Excel Workbook for my¬†video lesson – “Rearrange Your Columns – Sort from Left to Right” […]

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