Preventing Formula Errors from Displaying

Formula Errors in Excel – e.g. #DIV/0! or #NULL! – are ugly! And, when you send a spreadsheet that contains formula errors to your client or to your boss … Well, that is not good.

It plants the seed of doubt in the minds of your client or your boss that you have not thoroughly checked the accuracy of your assumptions. Why are there errors showing? What else is missing?

Excel 2007 makes it easy to prevent these formula errors from displaying. We have a new Function in Excel 2007 – The =IFERROR() function and it only requires two arguments. Be warned, however, that if you share your Excel 2007 worksheet with colleagues who are using earlier versions of Excel, this new function will not – well, function! (I could not resist using this pun)

Watch this video to learn how to use the new =IFERROR() function and also the nested =ISERROR() function that is required for people who use Excel 2003 or older versions.

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