How to Use Multiple Sorting Options in Excel

Sort Using Cell Icons

Sort based on Cell icons in Excel

Beginning with Excel 2007, the Sorting Commands gained several new features and became much more powerful. For example, you are no longer limited to three levels of sorting. You can sort using as many levels as you need. In addition, you can now sort by Cell or Font Colors and also sort using the new Cell Icons.

While I was training one of my clients last week, several questions about sorting came up. So, in this video I will demonstrate several of the new features as well as showing you how to take advantage of many sorting options that have been around for some time. For example, using a Horizontal Sort to quickly rearrange the order of your columns!

Sorting Options on Video Tutorial

Here are the sorting options that I demonstrate on my video:

  • Sort on Values using a Custom List
    • First, I use a built-in custom list (Months of the Year).
    • Next, I demonstrate how to create a custom list that you can use with AutoFill and also with custom sorting.
  •  Sort data based upon Cell Icon
    • Cell Icons were introduced in Excel 2007 as part of the major upgrade to Conditional Formatting.
  • Sort Horizontally to quickly rearrange the order of your columns (fields) in your data set.
    • This feature has been available for many years. However, in my experience, very few people are aware of its existence.
    • Once you  learn this technique, you can stop the tedious task process of Insert Column, Cut Column, Paste Column, Delete Column, etc.

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