Life is a Song

Do you remember the first time your heard “your song?” Sure you do! You remember where you were, who you were with, what you were wearing, what car you were driving.

You remember because … that song speaks to you. In a very special way. Actually, it might speak for you. All of the words and sentiments that you wanted to say. If only you could form the words yourself. To someone. About something. About yourself.

Thank God for giving us gifted songwriters. Thank you for allowing your voice to blend into our voice.. Thank you for giving us “our songs.” The music of our life,

The NY Times just published a terrific article on the art and craft of writing a song:

“The Three H’s: How to Write a Song and Other Mysteries,” by Darrell Brown (Click here to read the piece.)

The Three H’s – Honesty, Humanity and Hooks are the foundation for effective communication. Be it a speech, a story or a plea for support.

You can’t fake honesty. When you speak, you must speak from your heart.

Tell your story. No one else can tell it the way that you do. You help us to see ourselves in your story when you tell directly – honestly – when you speak from your heart. You can’t get into our head until you touch our heart.

Be memorable. Hook us in. Help us to understand. Help us to remember. What is your point? What do you want us to do? What is your hook?

I look forward to reading future articles in this series – The Blog is titled “Measure for Measure.”

A great way to start my day! With a song. Imagine a world without one. The day would never end. What is “your” song?

Tell us. And tell why.

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