Keyboard Shortcuts to Enter and Edit Data Efficiently in Excel


Keyboard Shortcuts to Enter Data

Keyboard Shortcuts to Enter Data

This is the latest installment in my series of video tutorials where I demonstrate how to use Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel. In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to Enter and Edit Data Efficiently in Excel using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Tips Covered on Video Tutorial

Here are the main Keyboard Shortcuts that I show you how to use on this video:

  • Enter Current Date in a cell.
  • Enter Current Time in a cell.
  • Use Ctrl + Enter to accept data entry and keep the focus on the current cell.
  • Use Ctrl + Enter to populate a range of selected cells.
  • Use Alt + Enter to “Wrap the Text” in a cell.
  • Use F2 to edit data inside a cell.
  • Use Ctrl + left & right directional arrows to move to the beginning of the next / previous word while editing in the cell.
  • Use ‘ (apostrophe) as the first character in a cell to make this a “text” entry.

Download my complete Chart of Popular Keyboard Shortcuts as a PDF 

 Follow this link to download – for free – my 5 Page Chart of Popular Excel Keyboard Shortcuts as a PDF.

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