Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 2 – The Function Keys

We continue our series of lessons on Excel Keyboard shortcuts. In this video training, I demonstrate how each of the 12 Function keys serve as shortcuts.

The keyoard shotcuts that I use most frequently are:

  • F2 – to activate “in-cell” editing. Double-clicking a cell does the same thing – your choice!
  • F3 – To “paste a name” into a formula. (Of course you must have already created or defined named cells, ranges and constants for this to work.)
  • F5 – To go to any cell reference or named range. Explore the “Special” dialog box to “Go to” e.g. cells containing specific types of formulas – a great auditing feature!
  • f7 – To spell check you spreadsheet – great shortcut!
  • F11 – To insert a chart on a new worksheet with a 1-key shortcut. You can edit the chart once it is created.
  • F12 – Brings up the File, “Save As” dialog box – not many people know this shortcut.

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