Keyboard Shortcuts – Part 1

Here are the steps to follow in this lesson:

  1. All shortcuts in this lesson require you to hold down the “CTRL” key while you press a single Letter.
  2. Ctrl+A will select either all of the cells in the current worksheet or just the range of cells where you are working.
  3. Ctrl+B (Bold), Ctrl+I (Italic) and Ctrl+U (Underline) will “toggle” the formatting on or off.
  4. Ctrl+D (Fill Down) and Ctrl+R (Fill Right) require you to select a range of cells beforehand.
  5. The “Office Clipboard” allows you to retain 24 items in memory. You can use them in all of the applications across the MS Office Suite. (Ctrl+F1 brings up the Task Pane for the Clipboard)
  6. Ctrl+Z (Undo) and Ctrl+Y (Redo) apply to the last 16 actions (provided you have not “saved” the workbook.)

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