Introducing Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

If you are already familiar with Pivot Tables, Excel 2007 makes Pivot Tables easier to create – you do not have to drag fields onto the template with the mouse! There are other improvements as well – and I cover the highlights in this lesson.

If you have never created Pivot Tables – or if you gave up in frustration – then this short, 9 minute and 48 second lesson will get you started. I explain that Pivot Tables help you to get answers about your data.

Let’s get started to create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007!

You can view and download this Excel video lesson – for free – as a Podcast. Click here to visit my Podcast, Danny Rocks Tips and TImesavers, at the iTunes store.

Learn how to “Quickly Create Pivot Tables and Charts.”

You can watch this Excel Training Video on YouTube

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