Improve Your Presentations – Tell Stories

Most people hate the sound of their own voice. They put their hands over their ears whenever they hear a recording of their own voice.

This is one factor that contributes to their fear of public speaking. If the speaker hates the sound of his or her own voice, what will the audience think about their voice? Fearful speakers forget that they have something valuable to say. Something that the audience needs or wants to hear. Instead, they turn down speaking opportunities. They run and hide; they quake in fear of having to speak in public. And… they sabotage their career. They give up a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of a subject; their expertise.


Do you fear speaking in public? Do you hate the sound of your own voice? Do you think that you speak in a monotone? Would you like to learn how to improve your vocal delivery? Increase your vocal range?

I hope so – because the tone of your voice is crucial to delivering your message. Statistics have consistently shown that this is how audiences receive face-to-face communication:

7% of our impact comes from the actual words that we use.

38% of our impact comes from our tonality – how we actually say the words that we use.

55% of our impact comes from our non-verbal communication – eye contact, facial expression, gestures, etc.

You voice – the way that you speak – really matters! 38% of the impact that you make (favorable or unfavorable) comes directly from the tone of your voice, your speech pattern, your vocal range. Your voice sets the tone for your message. Your voice conveys your level of confidence. Your sincerity. Your authority.

You can learn to improve your vocal delivery. You can learn to use your voice to become more dynamic, engaging and effective. Here is a simple secret:

Tell stories! Collect stories. Practice telling those stories, over and over again. Record yourself telling those stories. Listen to your recording. Tell the stories again – concentrate on how you tell the story. Make the story your own. Internalize it. Master it. Own the story.

The best stories to practice with are children’s’ stories. Do you remember listening to stories when you were young. Remember how you loved the way your mother or father told the story – just before bed time? It wasn’t so much the words of the story. It was the way they told the story – how they used their voice.

Remember: “Hey diddle-diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon…” It is impossible to say that sentence in a monotone. It can not be done! (Okay – if you really want to work at it, you can speak the words in a monotone.) But that is the point, your natural delivery of this simple story reveals the vocal range and ease of delivery that you possess. Record yourself telling children’s stories. Contrast your delivery to an earlier recording when you were practicing a business talk.

Amazing, isn’t it? What a difference! You came alive. Your voice had character and enthusiasm. You showed a real flair for the dramatic. Your audience hung on every word.

You can do it. I guarantee it!

I offer a half-day training course called, “Make Your Presentations Sing”. Click here to download the PowerPoint Presentation that I use in this training session. I use children’s’ stories as a part of one of my exercises. Here is just one, of thousands, of websites that offer collections of children’s’ stores for you to practice with. Try this exercise. Notice the improvement in your vocal delivery? I thought so!

If you are interested in my workshop to “Make Your Presentations Sing!” send me an email: I would love to help you improve your communications and presentation skills!

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