How to Use an Excel Data Table for “What-if” Analysis

Excel has many tools that give you answers to “What-if” questions. An Excel Data Table allows you to feed a series of “substitute values” into two arguments in a formula. For example, with a Data Table you can:

  • See a table of monthly payments on a loan by substituting both the “Interest Rate” and the “Amount Borrowed” simultaneously.
  • See a table of “Net Payments” by changing both the “Sales Price” and the “Quantity” simultaneously.
  • See the amount that you “tip” a service professional by changing both the “Tip Percentage” and the “Food Total” simultaneously.

As you will see in this Excel Video Lesson, the trick is to understand which series of values are the “Row Inputs” and which series of substitute values are the “Column Inputs.”

Trust me on this: It is easier to “see” how to set up a Data Table than it is to “write a description” of a Data Table. So, I invite you to “see for yourself” how easy it is to set up an Excel Data Table and get answers to two simultaneous “What-if” questions!

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