How to SUM Values in One Field Based on Criteria from Multiple Fields in Excel

SUMIFS and DSUM Functions

SUMIFS and DSUM Functions

The new SUMIFS() Function was introduced in Excel 2007. With SUMIFS, you can sum the values in one field based up criteria that comes from multiple fields. This is a very valuable Function.

SUMIFS Function

The key to understanding SUMIFS, is that you “pair” a criteria range with the criteria for that range. As you watch my tutorial, the importance of this concept will become clear to you.

DSUM Function

If you are using – or need to create workbooks that are compatible with – older versions of Excel – e.g. Excel 2003, you can use the DSUM Function to achieve the same results. The DSUM belongs to the Database Functions set in Excel.

Use Named Cell Ranges in Formulas

I highly recommend that you learn how to create – and then use – named cell references in your Excel Formulas and Functions. In this tutorial, I show you how to do this. Once you have created a named cell reference, you can use the F3 Keyboard Shortcut to show a dialog box that lists all of the named Ranges that you can post into your formulas. This will save you time and help to ensure accuracy in your formulas – especially when you cop a formula to another location.

Bonus: Create Drop-down Menu with Data Validation

When using Multiple Criteria, I like to be able to select my criteria values from a drop-down list. In this lesson, I demonstrate how to do this using Data Validation in Excel.

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Watch Video in High Definition

Here is the link to view this Excel Tutorial in High Definition on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

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