How to Quickly Rearrange the Order of Columns in an Excel Worksheet

Excel - Sort Horizontally

Sort Excel Data Horizontally

When I train clients locally, this Excel Tip always gets a big round of applause. It is such a time-saver! Frequently, when you receive MS Excel data – from a Main Frame Computer or from a client or colleague, the columns are not in the order that you prefer. So … what is the normal procedure that you take to change this? Do you:

  • Insert a blank column
  • Cut the data from an existing column
  • Paste this data into your new blank column
  • Delete the column that you cut the data from
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat?

In my experience, this is what most people do – over and over again. This is a complete waste of time. In this short ( 3 1/2 minutes) Excel Video Tutorial, I demonstrate how you can streamline this process – by sorting your data “horizontally! Click on this link to watch this video in High Definition on YouTube: ¬†

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