How to Publish an Excel Workbook as a Webpage

How good is your information – if you or your colleagues can not access it when you need it?

Not good enough!

I love USB Flash Drives for their portability. But, when I need – or I need to send an Excel Workbook – halfway around the world …? I need a better way to access that information.

I need to learn how to publish my Excel workbook as Web page – complete with Interactivity. Watch this short video lesson as I demonstrate how to:

  1. Save an Excel Workbook as a Web-page – be sure to enable Interactivity.
  2. Add, edit and delete data in the workbook while on-line.
  3. Send the Webpage version of the workbook back to Excel – to communicate my changes or to further analyze the data.

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  1. Hello there !

    I am trying to publish a companies excel workbook on the web which contains Master data. This excel workbook needs to be accessed via web query from a remote location by a command button trigger.

    Can you suggest the cheapest way to implement this solution ?


  2. I can only recommend what I actually know – I have been using the free storage and sharing services of Windows Live –
    You can set up the properites needed for sharing (with specific individuals, etc.)
    As for the button to share – each file on Windows Live has its own “hyperlink” – I simply attach that Hyperlink to either text or a shape or a command button. Click on the link and you will go to the file (you must be registered, password, etc.

    I hope that this helps you!

    Danny Rocks


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