How to Place Dates in a Fiscal Year Quarter

Many organizations operate in a Fiscal Year – for example, April 1 through March 31 of the next calendar year. I get many requests from viewers for help with placing calendar dates into the proper Quarter for their Fiscal Year.

Excel Functions Used in Video TutorialWhile researching a question from one viewer, I cam across a very interesting formula that nests the “undocumented” DATEDIF() Function inside the CEILING() Function. I found this formula in the book, “Formulas and Functions with MS Excel 2003,” written by Paul McFedries. It is a very efficient formula.

What is Covered on the Video

Watch this video tutorial as I break down each step. As a Best Practice, I recommend that you break down a complex formula by working from the “inside out.” I start with the “nested” DATEDIF() function and then demonstrate the results of each formula detail.

Learn More About the “Undocumented” DATEDIF() Function

For various reasons, Microsoft does not offer any help or documentation for the very useful DATEDIF() Function. In fact, it is not even listed as a Function! However, it is very useful and often found in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) coding. Here, are links to two videos that I created to help you understand how to use DATEDIF():

Learn How to Calculate a Calendar Year Quarter

In response to viewer requests, I created a companion video tutorial -” How to Calculate a Calendar Year Quarter in Excel.”

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Watch Video Tutorial in High Definition

If you would like to watch my video tutorial for “Finding the Fiscal Year Quarter for any Date,” click on this link. I have posted it on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

Watch this Video Now


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  1. […] watching my previous video tutorial, “How to Place Dates in a Fiscal Year Quarter,” several viewers requested that I demonstrate how to calculate the calendar year quarter for a […]

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