How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

This morning I received my monthly “The Planning Shop” eNewsletter from Rhonda Abrams.  This lady is an expert marketer!  She really knows how to write – and produce an excellent eNewsletter.  Her books *”Winning Presentations in a Day,” “Business Plan in a Day,” etc.) are excellent.  She does two things extremely well:

1) Gives you valuable and compelling content that you will remember.

2) Tells you exactly what she wants you to do – how to take the next step (buy her books and engage her services.)

And really … isn't that the point of any presentation?  Or marketing campaign?  Or sales call?  Or company meeting?  You get the point.  But does your audience? 

Sign up for Rhonda's eNewsletter or purchase her books; put her advice into practice and your audience will remember more of what you said.  And your audience will know what to do.  All of which will lead to more sales, better understanding, and greater commitment.  Which is really why you give a presentation or launch a marketing campaign.

Unfortunately, too many speakers and marketers take the opposite approach.  Then they wonder why they do not get asked back to speak or why their sales did not improve.  To paraphrase a famous slogan, “It's all about the audience, stupid!”

Giving a presentation is not about you.  It's about your audience!

Why are they there?  (Are the required to be there or do they want to be there?)

Why should they care?  (About you and what you have to say?)

What do they care about?  (What problems, concerns or feelings do they have?)

What advice, information, or solution do you offer? (For them specifically?)

What do you want them to do? (What is your call to action?  The next step?)

How do they do it? (Show them specifically where to go and what to do!)

Rhonda Abrams' advice does not break new ground.  Confucius had the same message many years ago, “I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand.”  However, her presentation, marketing and teaching skills are just perfect for today.

Anyone who wants to improve their communications skills will benefit from subscribing to her eNewsletter or purchasing one or more of her books.  Here's how do take the next step:

Click here to go to her website and sign up for the eNewsletter.  You will benefit from her advice and so will your audience!

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