How to Explode a Pie Slice in Your Chart!

Pie Charts are the most popular charts – to create. Pie Charts are not always the best chart to use to tell your story. The people who create charts want to create Pie Charts and they want to “Explode” slices of the pie.

In this video I will demonstrate how to format your Pie Chart – and “explode” it!

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Lesson:

  1. Select the chart first so that you can format it. (If your chart is on its own worksheet, select that worksheet tab.)
  2. Use the Drop-Down menu on the Chart Toolbar to become familiar with each Chart Element.
  3. Select the Chart Element and then click the Format Chart Element Icon on the toolbar.
  4. Format the “Plot Area.” Remove the Border and change the Background to White.
  5. Select the Chart Series “Total” – the Pie – and format it. On the Data Labels tab, select Percentage and Category Names.
  6. You no longer need the Legend. Select it and press Delete.
  7. Select the Plot Area and drag the sizing handles to enlarge it.
  8. To “explode” a pie slice, first select the Series “Total” – the Pie. After a short pause, select the slice that you want to “explode” to choose it. (You will see multiple “handles” around this slice.) Click on the border of the slice and drag it away from the Pie.
  9. To print only the chart: Select it and then make your changes in Print Preview – Page Setup.

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