How to Create Hyperlinks in Excel

Hyperlink Dialog Box in ExcelOne of my viewers – Ben from the UK – wrote to tell me that he needs to learn how to create Hyperlinks in Excel in preparation for a job interview this week. He asked me that, since he could not find a decent YouTube video on this topic, to create a tutorial demonstrating ow to create Hyperlinks in Excel.

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Topics Covered in this Excel Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to:

  • Create a simple Hyperlink to another worksheet in your Excel workbook
  • Create Hyperlinks that “Return you” to your main “Dashboard” worksheet
  • Hyperlink to other programs – e.g. PowerPoint
  • Create hyperlinks that direct a viewer to send you an E-Mail message
  • Hyperlinks to websites

I am the first to admit that the Insert / Edit Hyperlinks Dialog Box is confusing and “too busy” for my tastes. However, in this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to navigate through this Dialog Box and also, how to get te most out of it. For example, how to change the “text displayed” for the Hyperlink while working in the Dialog Box.

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