How to Create a Month, Quarter, Year Pivot Table Report in Excel 2007

Would you believe that with fewer than 10 mouse clicks you can transform a long list of daily sales transactions into a useful summary report – showing sales by Month, Quarter & Year?

Yes, you can do this with a Pivot Table report in Excel 2007 – using @ 10 mouse clicks.

Watch how I do this.

Now, many people will want to know how to customize this report to show Quarters that follow a Fiscal Year (e.g. April, May, June is FY Quarter 1) I demonstrate how to do this in my next lesson. Click here to view that video lesson.

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Click here to watch this Excel Video Lesson on YouTube

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  1. […] video lesson is related to my previous lesson – “How to Create a Month, Quarter Year Pivot Table Report.” This time, we are using a Fiscal […]

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