How to Become an Excellent Public Speaker

I received a link to the Business Week Online Small Business web page in my email this morning – I subscribe to both the magazine and the email newsletters.  The headline that caught my eye was “How Cisco’s CEO Works the Crowd.”  The story was written by Carmine Gallo who has extensively analyzed what makes Cisco CEO John Chambers such an effective communicator in his book “10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators.”

If you are serious about improving your business communications skills, buy the book.  If you don’t have the time – or want a quick course in effective communications, ready today’s article from Business Week Online Small Business.

John Chambers is by any measurement one of the Top 5 Business communicators alive today.  Take any opportunity you can get to see him “in action.” – not just on stage.  Watch – and tape – him when he is giving a press conference, speaking to analysts, etc.  Study what makes him so effective.  Doing so will help  you to improve your communications skills immediately.

Use these points from today’s article in Business Week Online to guide your study of John Chambers:

1) Sell the benefit

2) Tell stories

3) Make preparation a part of your routine

4) Use confident body language

5) Overcome personal challenges

I believe that we teach by example.  By that precept, John Chambers is an excellent teacher.  And Carmine Gallo has done an excellent job in identifying the concepts that John Chambers teaches us – to be more effective business communicators.

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