How Do You Respond When Equipment Fails During a Presentation?

Equipment will fail. Your Laptop will display the “Blue Screen of Death.” The Bulb in your Projector will suddenly “Pop!” You will:

  • Forget to pack your Power Cord
  • Bring the wrong PowerPoint Presentation
  • Trip over a Power Cord and …

It is not a question of IF; it is a question of WHEN. When your equipment fails, how will you respond? What will you do? How will you recover?

This question was posed on one of the LinkedIn Groups that I belong to – “Great Communicators! Effective Presenting & PowerPoint.” I posted my thoughts – including my own list of what to bring whenever I travel to make a presentation. Geetesh Bajaj, a Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint liked my response and he turned it into an article on his blog. Click here to read the article and to see my list of “essentials to pack” for your next presentation.

Prepare your presentation. Prepare yourself. Prepare your recovery from an equipment failure. Expect the unexpected!

Please let me know what you have done – or wish that you had done – when your equipment fails during a presentation or a training session. Feel free to share a “war story” or two about what happened to you or that you saw happen during a presentation.

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  1. Danny, thank you for helping others with your tips.

    – Geetesh

  2. Geetesh, It is my pleasure.


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