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Are you looking for productivity tips? Tips that can be real “Timesavers for you?”

Would you like to learn how to improve your skills when using the most popular software programs – Excel, Word and PowerPoint?

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Are you a “visual learner? Do you learn best by watching a step-by-step demonstration?

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Easy to Get Started

As you can see from the “screen shot” graphic, there are two easy ways to be notified, automatically, whenever I publish a new Video “Tips and Timesavers” Lesson:

  1. Get notification via your “RSS Newsreader.” For example, Google Newsreader or My Yahoo!, etc.
  2. Receive an email message – delivered, automatically, to your Outlook Inbox or to any folder – or program – that you designate.

Here is the link to go to Feedburner and to make your choice:

The Advantages of RSS Feed Notification

RSS Feeds

RSS Feed

  • It is anonymous! No personal information in necessary. Simply supply the email address where you wish to receive the notification of new content being published.
  • It is automatic! It is like receiving “home delivery” of the newspaper – wherever in the world you happen to be!  
  • It is “simple” to use! In fact, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” of content published on the Internet. Here is a link to a short aritcle – Feed 101 – that explains RSS.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time! Just click a button and you are “unsubscribed!” No questions or explanations required!
  • And, best of all, RSS Feeds are Free!

Preview of  What You Can Expect to Receive

Here is a sample of the three most recent Video Podcast episodes that I have published – and what the RSS feed will look like in your “Inbox.”

What My Subscribers Are Saying

“These are very specific and concise training modules on individual aspects of Excel and PowerPoint. (Also a few on meeting management and social media.) No nonsense, down-to-business, accurate, and professional.

If one of these matches the skill you want to quickly acquire, you should like these.” 

– ChipAv on my iTunes Podcast


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