Don’t Retype! Import a MS Word Outline into PowerPoint

Today’s video tutorial is in response to a viewer’s request. She has a series of MS Word documents created as Outlines. Her new boss wants her to transfer the Outlines into MS PowerPoint. She really does not want to learn PowerPoint. And she definitely does not want to re-type her outlines.

Watch as I demonstrate three ways to import MS Word Outlines into MS PowerPoint.

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Here are the steps to follow in this video tutorial:

  • To create a new PowerPoint Presentation. From within PowerPoint, choose File, Open. In the “Files of Type” drop-down menu choose “All Outlines.
  • Be sure that your MS Word document with the outline is closed before you select it!
  • The MS Word Outline is quickly transformed into a PowerPoint Presentation!
  • For the 2nd technique, we are working inside MS Word. We do not have to leave the program. Simply choose File, Send To – MS Office PowerPoint. PowerPoint opens and the Word document is now a PowerPoint Presentation!
  • Tips: While working in MS Word – strip away all manually applied formats (Fonts, Bullet Points, etc.) A keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+A to “Select All” (of the document) and then Ctrl+Spacebar to “strip away all formats.”
  • Only use Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 formatting in the Word Outline. All Heading 1 text becomes a new PowerPoint Slide. Each Heading 2 text selection becomes a “Bullet Point” in PowerPoint.
  • For the 3rd technique: While working on a PowerPoint presentation, first highlight the slide that you want to MS Word outline to appear after. Choose Insert – Slides from Outline and select the MS Word Document (be sure that you have closed it first.)
  • Find the PowerPoint Video Lesson that you want – Index to all PowerPoint Topics

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