Create an Excel Chart With One Keystroke!

It is easy to create a chart in MS Excel 2003. So easy, in fact, that you can create your chart with one keystroke.

In this video, I reveal that keystroke. I also demonstrate how easy it is to change the chart type and the location of your chart.

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Lesson:

  1. Select one cell in your data set and press the F11 key.
  2. Excel, by default, creates a Column Chart in a new worksheet.
  3. Using the Chart tool bar, you can change the chart type.
  4. Select the data range(s) you want to chart  before you press the F11 key.
  5. Consider what “picture” you want to share before you create your chart.
  6. Use the Chart Wizard – Step 4 – to move the location of the cart (from its own worksheet to an embedded object in your worksheet – or vice versa.)

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