Closing Your Business to Work On Your Business

News Flash! Starbucks is closing all 7,100 of their USA stores today at 5:30P.M local time! Incredible!

Except … They are not permanently closing up shop. That would be drastic!

Rather … They are holding a 3 1/2 hour mandatory, company-wide training session for all 135,000 store employees. That is dramatic!

That takes guts! And Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO has consistently demonstrated his vision and leadership. We know he has guts!

(Click here to read more about this dramatic event.)

I am sure that many business owners are saying, “How much is that going to cost them to close down all stores for 3 1/2 hours?”

The bigger question – one that I am sure they will be addressing during their training session – “How much will it cost Starbucks if we don’t invest the time to restore our enthusiasm, improve our service and revisit our company’s culture?”

Starbucks has two choices :

  1. Allow themselves to sink down and accept that they have become a commodity as they face increased competition.
  2. Rejuvenate themselves through special training. Re-visit what they must do to elevate the “Starbucks Experience.”

Happily, they chose Option #2.

Whatever short-term loss they have in lost revenue will be gained back in long-term profits and improved customer loyalty.

Here’s my resolve – First thing tomorrow, I am visiting my local Starbucks to see first-hand how they have changed as a result of today’s training!

I realize that it will take some time to rebuild the romance of the “Starbucks Experience.” I am eager to watch it evolve!

What do you think about this? Please add your comments below. This is a great topic for discussion!

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