Click & Drag a Data Series to Goal Seek in Excel

Did you know that you can click on a Data Series in an Excel Chart and “drag it to reach a new value?” You can!

Changing the data value in your chart brings up the Goal Seek Dialog Box. Now, it is a simple matter to confirm your new value and tell Excel which cell reference to change in your formula. Instantly, your chart redraws and your data and formula are updated with the substitute value – and your NEW GOAL!

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Lesson:

  1. IĀ use the =FV() Function to show the future value of my investment for each year that we invest. The =FV() Function requires a “fixed” interest rate and a constant investment value contributed each period.
  2. I inserted a “Line” type chart onto my worksheet – i.e. I “embedded” the chart on the sheet.
  3. I used a “Custom Format” on the Value Axis for our numbers (#,##0,K) to show the numbers as thousands ($80K)
  4. For this chart, I also changed the “Maximum Value” of the Value Series by typing in a new (higher) number.
  5. To reach a “new goal” on our chart, first click to select the data series. Then click again and drag the data line to a new point on the chart.
  6. This brings up the “Goal Seek” Dialog Box. Edit your new goal if necessary. Then click on the cell that you want to change in order reach your goal. That cell must be referenced in your formula. The chart redraws and your formula results are updated.

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