How to Use a Check Box to “Toggle” Conditional Formatting On or Off in Excel

Sort by Color in Excel

Sort by Color in Excel

In my previous Excel Tutorial – “Conditional Formatting to Dynamically Format Dates” – I demonstrated how to  apply Conditional  Formatting based upon the number of days have passed since last contact with a customer. Now I will extend what you just learned.

Three Techniques in this Video:

  1. How to extend  Conditional Formatting Rules to additional cell ranges.
  2. How to use the “Sort by Colors” feature introduced in Excel 2007.
  3. How to add a Check Box Form Control that will “toggle” the Conditional Formatting On or Off.

Paste Special “Live Preview”

I demonstrate a great new feature introduced in Excel 2010, “Live Preview” for Paste Special. You will use Paste Special – Formats to extend the rules for Conditional Formatting to a new range of Cells

Sort by Color

Beginning with Excel 2007, you can now sort fields based upon the color of a font or a cell background. I show how this works.

The Check Box Form Control

The “key concept” to understand when using Excel’s Form Controls is the “Cell Link.” With a Check Box Control, the value in the Cell Link is TRUE when the box is “checked” while the value is FALSE when it is Unchecked. We can use this information to create a “Conditional Format based upon a Formula.”

Conditional Formatting Rules

When you base Conditional Formatting upon a Formula, the result of that formula must return TRUE in order apply this formatting. Setting the background cell color to “White” effectively “hides” the previous background cell colors.

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