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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Preview Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

 Hello and Welcome – to my new “Members Only” section of The Company Rocks website! 

I just published a new five-page Chart – “Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel.” It is free for you to download as a PDF. 

This, along with additional content, will soon be inlcuded in my new “Exclusive Membership Content” area on my website. 

My Exclusive Membership Site is not quite ready to launch. So, I am offering this chart for you to download as a PDF from this post. 

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CR – Updated Chart of Popular Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 

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I am proud of the way my Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Chart turned out – and I think that you will get a lot of value out of this free resource. I organized the Keyboard Shortcuts by the following Tasks:

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Basic File Operations
  • Undo, Restore or Repeat Actions
  • Insert, Delete, and Copy Cells
  • Edit Data
  • Show / Hide Columns and Rows
  • Select Contiguous Cells
  • Navigate Within a Worksheet
  • Navigate Between Workbooks
  • Find, Replace, and Go To
  • Enter Data
  • Work with Cell Comments
  • Work with Names for Cells and Ranges
  • Work with Formulas and Functions
  • Work with Formula Precedent and Dependent Cells
  • Print Worksheet
  • Formatting Cells and Text
  • Work with Subtotals and Outlines
  • Work with Tables, Lists, and Filters
  • Work with Charts
  • Work with Excel Windows and Open Applications

So, as you can see, this is a comprehensive – but not exhaustive – list of the best Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel. I took care to ensure that these Keyboard Shortcuts will work for all versions of Excel from 2003 through version 2010. 

The 50 Best Tips

The 50 Best Tips Series

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And let me know your thoughts on my Excel Keyboard Shortcut Chart. Do you have a favorite Keyboard Shortcut that you want to share with our readers? Add your comments below.

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