Calculate Data in Excel and Present it in PowerPoint

You can’t beat MS Excel when it comes to organizing, calculating & graphing data. However, when it comes to presenting data – especially to a large gathering of people –  then MS PowerPoint is the best choice.

The 50 Best Tips

The 50 Best Tips Series

However, too many people simply re-type their Excel data into PowerPoint. This wastes time and it is not the most effective way to present the data.

In this video lesson, I demonstrate five ways to Paste, Link, and Embed Excel data in PowerPoint:

Here are the steps to follow in this video lesson:

  1. In Excel, select and copy the data to the clipboard.
  2. In PowerPoint, select the slide to receive the data and Right Mouse Click to “Paste.”
  3. Look to the lower right-hand corner of the pasted data and click the Paste Options Menu.
  4. Paste Option – Keep Text Only. You can move and re-size the Text Box. You can edit and format any text entry.
  5. Paste Option – Picture of Table. You can move and re-size the picture. The Picture Toolbar is activated. This allows you to format the picture. You can not edit individual values – you only have a “picture” of your Excel data.
  6. Paste Option – Table. This is the Default option. Each entry is in it’s own cell. You can choose Rows and Columns to format, insert or delete.
  7. Paste Option – Excel Table (Entire Workbook) – With this option you actually “Embed” the Excel application. Double-click on the data to activate Excel. Make any changes you desire.
  8. Edit-Paste Special – Link. With this option you create a “live link” to the source data in Excel. Any changes to the Excel file are reflected on the PowerPoint slide. Be careful to keep the Excel file and the PowerPoint file in the same directory to prevent “losing the link.”

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  1. Why not just make your chart in Excel, and then copy it and paste it into PowerPoint? It takes only 2 clicks, and the data stays linked to Excel.

    Dr. Debby
    The PowerPoint Princess

  2. HI Dr. Debby –

    Thank you for your comment.

    In order to maintain the “link” to the original Excel data on which the chart is based, be sure to choose Paste Special. And then choose “Paste Link.



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