Book Review – Winning the Toughest Customer

If you are in sales or marketing you need to get this book – and take its message to heart.  That is, if you really want to grow your sales or market share.

This is not a “preachy” book.  It doesn't shout, “Understand women or else…”  Yes, the statistics are compelling: Women make or influence over 80% of all purchases made in America today; 48% of all privately-held businesses in the USA are majority woman-owned, etc.  But the book is really about understanding how to sell to anyone the way they want to be sold to, in the way that will make them want to buy from you and keep them coming back for more.  A winning approach!

There is no “psycho-babble” here.  Just a very well-written logical approach to understanding how women think, why the react as they do and how to reach them – and keep them as customers – and as a valuable source of referrals.

Here are two key concepts from the book:

“Many women will buy from you not because they understand what you are selling but because you understand !”

“A woman will buy when she feels confident about her decision.  What women want is information enabling them to gain the confidence they need to move the sale forward,  What they want is the knowledge necessary to make a good decision for themselves.”

I read this book just before my wife hosted a bridal shower for 30 women at our house.  As I silently listened and observed their conversations and actions the concepts that Delia Passi presented in this book really “rang true.” 

If you have ever grown frustrated trying to sell to a woman; gotten angry when they said, ” I have to think about this some more.” or just generally wondered why it takes woman so long to make up their mind – if they ever do… the payoff for you is:

“The time spent acquiring and retaining women customers will ultimately lead to more business generated per customer, twice as many referrals, and a tendency to create greater word-of-mouth marketing for you and your brand.”

I'm sold!  And I now have a better understanding of how to sell to and understand women.  I recommend this book

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