Announcing My Online Courses – Master Business Skills in Minutes

I am proud to announce that I have posted the first two recorded video lessons for my online course: “Master Excel in Minutes!”

WebEx Navigation Pane

WebEx Navigation Pane

These courses are recorded in-depth videos that you can choose to watch online or download to your computer to watch at a later time. Some of the recordings will be offered free of charge. For others – which contain premium content – I will charge a fee. The recorded videos will be found on my website at WebEx:

New Page on My Website

You can find more information about my online courses by following this link to a new page that I have created here on my website.

Here are the direct links to my first two recorded video lessons on WebEx – be sure to click the “Recorded Sessions” on the main “Attend a Session” navigation pane at

In this format – recorded, downloadable, video lessons – I am able to go into more detail on the topic than I do with my free video podcasts. I can also cover – in depth – topics that my viewers have been requesting. For example, I can now train you in MS Office 2003 (Excel 2003, Word2003, etc.)

Contents of Recorded Video Lessons

Each of the recorded video lessons includes:

  • The recorded video lesson that you can watch online
  • The recorded video lesson that you can download to your computer to view at a later time
  • The workbooks or documents that I use during the lesson – so that you can practice the concepts that I present on the video recording.
  • A PDF containing the Step-by-step instructions for each lesson – so that you can make notes as you view the recording or during your practice sessions.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to view my first offerings in this course. After you watch the lessons, please send me your feedback, questions and suggestions for future course offerings.

Thank you!

Danny Rocks

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