AARP and Recreational Music Making

I had the pleasure to participate in the “AARP Life @ 50+” Convention this past weekend in Anaheim, CA.  My appearance was sponsored by Alfred Publishing Co.  I gave two presentations – “Making Memories with Music” and “Making Music with My Friends.”

The Recreational Music Making pavilion at the show was sponsored by NAMM, The International Music Products Association.  The member companies who participated were:

Yamaha, Lowrey, Alfred Publishing, Whacky Music, Remo, Roland, Rhythm Band Instruments and The Museum of Making Music.  In addition, Making Music Magazine was a generous sponsor – handing out copies of their Fall 2006 Issue to all of the AARP members who visited our pavilion.

There were several popular presenters – including Scott, “The Piano Guy,” of PBS fame.  Roland sponsored his appearance.  “Drum Circles” were a popular event at the AARP Convention and Remo sponsored several of them each day.  Members of the Carlsbad, CA “New Horizons Band” performed as the convention ended on Saturday.

I applaud the efforts of the music industry to promote the benefits of music making – for both your health and to have fun!  There is a mounting body of scientific evidence that proves that making music “reduces the impact of stress at the genomic level, reversing some of the key switches that turn on mechanisms for producing serious diseases.”

The focus of my presentations, on behalf of Alfred Publishing, was to demonstrate some of the materials that make it easy to read and play music.  Many of the people in my audience have bad memories of the drudgery and strict discipline involved in taking music lessons.  They are at a stage in life now where they just want to do things that give them pleasure.  Making music gives us pleasure and they were pleased to see the many ways that music publishers have made learning music fun and fast.  For example, there are many DVDs that demonstrate how to play some of your favorite songs – to the amazement of your friends!  Several series of books allow you to “Teach Yourself Guitar' or Piano or to Sing, etc. 

Check some of these materials out at your local music store.  Click here to find a dealer near you. 

Now that I am working at home, I try to play the piano for a half-hour each day.  I look forward to this time.  It helps me to relieve built-up stress and gives me great pleasure.  And I find that after play piano for a while, I can go back to a project with renewed energy and better focus.

If you would like to get back-to – or just get started – making music, click here, to get more information on the many Recreational Music Making programs that are now available – and waiting for you!

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