A Great Business Resource that You Can Use

While reading one of my favorite monthly newsletters (The Motivational Manager) today, I learned about a fabulous and free business resource that I want to share with you:

It is the “Free Management Library” website – click here to enter!  And it is a treasure trove of articles, resource materials, websites, etc. that members and experts have contributed.  The website has been around for 10 years – and from my initial exploration of it, it appears to be continuously improving by adding content and categorization.

As the title says – All content on the website is absolutely free – for you to access.  If you want to reprint or re-purpose the content, they offer clear steps to take to obtain permission from the copyright holder of the individual content.

You could think of this as a sort of “wikipedia” for business and management content since it is created strictly through member contributions (of content) and it relies upon its members to update and report errors, broken links, etc.

Lately, I have been thinking about “competitive advantage”  – what is my own competitive advantage (as a consultant, trainer and speaker) and helping my clients to define their competitive advantage.  So, I was pleased to see this clear, concise “About Us” statement:

“The library provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations…”


I get it!  I know exactly what this resource offers (to me) right from this direct statement of purpose.

Why would I want to use this website tool when I already have invested a small fortune in resource books?  Because, I am not always near my personal (physical) library – I do travel quite a bit.  And, the trick is to be able to actually FIND the resource when you actually need it (while writing a blog, thinking of a topic to write about, citing a source) – or just plain relaxation or inspiration!

The key to accessibility is organization.  The Free Management Library Home Page is very clearly organized – and accessible.  Here are a few topics for you to link to in order to check it out yourself:




I've added this site to “My Favorites.”  I hope that you can gain some benefit from my recommendation.  Please share your thoughts – or your favorites – with our readers.  Or… just drop me an email – danny@thecompanyrocks.com to let me know what is working / or not for you!




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