4 reasons to use Excel's Formula Auditing tools

In this Excel training video I will show you how to use the Formula Auditing Toolbar to:

  1. Learn about the relationships among your formulas and cells by tracing precedents & dependents.
  2. Finding the source of your formula errors – and correcting them!
  3. Evaluate your formulas step-by-step to better understand how they are built.
  4. Setting up a small window to “watch” your key formulas change as you enter and edit data in cells.

Here are the steps to follow in this video training lesson:

  1. Select Tools,  Formula Auditing, Show Formula Auditing Toolbar.
  2. Select a cell containing a formula and experiment with the icons to Trace Precedents and Trace Dependents. Click the icon several times to trace back as far as you can go.
  3. Select a cell and Evaluate its Formula. Step In and Step Out to learn how the formula is built.
  4. Paste a list of all of the Names in your workbook. Select Insert, Name, Paste, Paste List.
  5. Select a cell with a formula and click the Show Watch Window icon to see how the formula results change as you enter and edit data in cells that feed into that formula.

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