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2.9 Million Views for My YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

2.9 million viewsThis morning, I passed the 2.9 Million views milestone for my DannyRocksExcel’s YouTube Channel!

Thank you to all who have supported my Excel tutorials since I began posting them in August, 2008.

Top 10 Excel YouTube Videos Year-to-Date in 2013

Here are the Top 10 Videos that have been viewed so far (January 1 – March 21) in 2013. Click on the hyperlink to watch the video(s) on YouTube:

  1. How to Create an Interactive Pivot Table Chart – 65,095 Lifetime views
  2. How to Use Advanced Filters in Excel – 84,557 Lifetime views
  3. How to Add a Check Box Control to an Excel Form – 87,327 Lifetime views
  4. Compare 2 Excel Lists to Spot the Differences – 84,325 Lifetime Views
  5. Use Excel’s Built-in Data Form to Edit & Filter Records – 65,325 Lifetime views
  6. Use the Solver Tool in Excel – 46,035 Lifetime views
  7. How to Use an Excel Data Table for “What-if” Analysis – 72,694 Lifetime views
  8. How to Merge Multiple Excel Workbooks to a Master Budget – 104,376 Lifetime views
  9. How to Create a Summary Report from an Excel Table – 38,502 Lifetime views
  10. Import Excel Data into Microsoft Access – 54,601 Lifetime views

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