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How to Add Summary Information for Excel Workbook Properties

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of being unable to locate an Excel Workbook on their computer. You can’t remember the name or the location of the Workbook. You waste valuable time searching in vain.

Tags for Document Search

Tags for Document Search

One way to minimize this frustration is to add Excel Workbook Properties that Summarize the content and purpose of the document. By adding Tags, Keywords, Client Names or Project Titles in the Properties Summary you make it easier for your computer to Index and Find your documents.

Fortunately, beginning with Microsoft Office 2007, it is a lot easier to add these properties to an Excel Workbook. In this video tutorial, I show you how to do this.

Displaying Recent Documents

Did you know that you can display up to 50 Recent Documents? Even better, you can “Pin” important documents so that they remain on the list. This is a valuable tool when you need to access important files, for example, once a month! I show you how to do this on the video.

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How to Create Hyperlinks in Excel

Hyperlink Dialog Box in ExcelOne of my viewers – Ben from the UK – wrote to tell me that he needs to learn how to create Hyperlinks in Excel in preparation for a job interview this week. He asked me that, since he could not find a decent YouTube video on this topic, to create a tutorial demonstrating ow to create Hyperlinks in Excel.

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Topics Covered in this Excel Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to:

  • Create a simple Hyperlink to another worksheet in your Excel workbook
  • Create Hyperlinks that “Return you” to your main “Dashboard” worksheet
  • Hyperlink to other programs – e.g. PowerPoint
  • Create hyperlinks that direct a viewer to send you an E-Mail message
  • Hyperlinks to websites

I am the first to admit that the Insert / Edit Hyperlinks Dialog Box is confusing and “too busy” for my tastes. However, in this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to navigate through this Dialog Box and also, how to get te most out of it. For example, how to change the “text displayed” for the Hyperlink while working in the Dialog Box.

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Microsoft Access – A Quick Video Tour of my DVD, The 50 Best Tips for Access 2007

Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel work together seamlessly. However, they are VERY DIFFERENT programs. It is very easy to exchange data between the two programs. But there is a world of difference when in it comes to storing, entering, and analyzing data in each program.

Recently, a number of my viewers have asked me how to create Data Forms in Excel. In almost every case, they want a simple answer – one that does not require them to learn VBA – Visual Basic for Applications. My considered response is that Access is the best way to collect and relate data via Forms. And then, use Excel to analyze the information that you collect from those data forms.

Here is a short – 6 1/2 minutes –  video tour of my DVD-ROM, “The 50 Best Tips for Access 2007.” If you have never used Microsoft Access, this video will give you an idea of how it works. If you have tried to use Access, but gave up in frustration, I am confident that my video tutorials will help you to get over the learning curve so that you can use Access to its full potential!

Nine Categories of  Video Tutorials for Access 2007

On my DVD-ROM, I have organized the 50 Video Tips into nine categories of lessons:

  1. Getting Started with Access 2007 – 9 Videos. Perfect introduction for new users of Access as well as a quick guide the the changes and additions in Access 2007 and Access 2010.
  2. Working with Tables in Access 2007 – 5 Videos. Tables are the essential building blocks in Access. Learn how to create many focused Tables and then create relationships between them.
  3. Using Filters & Queries in Access 2007 – 8 Videos. Filters are “temporary” or one-time questions. Queries are “saved” or “named” questions about the information in your database.
  4. Running Action Queries in Access  2007 – 4 Videos. Action queries allow you to quickly make changes to the data in Access. You can update, or delete records; append records or make a new table from a query.
  5. Working with Access 2007 Forms – 9 Videos. Forms are very easy to create in Excel. Use forms to enter data or to view your data – one record at a time. Gather data via Forms in Access and then export this data to analyze in Excel.
  6. Working with External Data in Access 2007 – 4 Videos. Did you know that you can use Access to semi-automatically update your Microsoft Outlook contact information? Learn how to integrate the programs in the MS Office Suite.
  7. Working with Access 2007 Reports – 5 Videos. Reports are designed for printing and distributing the summarized information in you Access database. Learn how to create a mailing label report for your next direct mail campaign!
  8. Managing Access 2007 Databases – 3 Videos. Learn how easy it is to back up your database. You can even “split” a larger database into smaller, more focused databases.
  9. Automating Access 2007 – 3 Videos. Learn how to use Macros and Command Buttons that allow less-experienced end-users enter and output the information in your Access database.

Table of Contents for “The 50 Best Tips for Access 2007.”

Click here to see specific data – including run times – for each of the 50 video lessons on my DVD-ROM.

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