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Show Percentage of Calculations in Pivot Tables

Most people are content to let a Pivot Table Sum, Average, or Count their Values Fields. But what if you want to see individual Products as a percentage of all products sold in a Region – this is a standard request for Excel. And … it is easy to perform this calculation in a Pivot Table. Let me show you how to do this.

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How to Import Text and Database Files in Excel 2007

When you need to import a Word document or an Access database file in Excel, resist the temptation to simply “open” the file with Office Button (File) – Open. Rather, follow the steps to “Get External Data” from the Data Tab on the Ribbon. This is how you can control the data type of each field that you import – especially important for formatting fields that contain dates. You also can control – and preview – who Excel will distribute the data into individual columns before you import the file.

Watch as I demonstrate these steps – this tip will save you a lot of time and avoid frustration.

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How to Lead Meetings that People Want to Attend

Don’t Laugh at the title of this post! It is possible – it is desirable – to learn how to lead meetings that produce results. To learn how to lead a meeting that people want to attend.

This begins by re-thinking your meetings. Stop thinking about the meeting itself. Successful meetings are part of a process – a three-step process – that I walk you through in this video.

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