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The Video Does Not Lie

“Auditioning in a Video Resume” – that is the title of the article in yesterday’s NY Times. (Click here for access to the complete article.) Your resume on a video? Say it isn’t so! Today, I noticed that it was the most emailed article on the Times’ website. So, obviously, this strikes a nerve – and possibly gives people an edge on their competition.

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Improve Your Presentations – Tell Stories

Most people hate the sound of their own voice. They put their hands over their ears whenever they hear a recording of their own voice.

This is one factor that contributes to their fear of public speaking. If the speaker hates the sound of his or her own voice, what will the audience think about their voice? Fearful speakers forget that they have something valuable to say. Something that the audience needs or wants to hear. Instead, they turn down speaking opportunities. They run and hide; they quake in fear of having to speak in public. And… they sabotage their career. They give up a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of a subject; their expertise.

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Book Review: Marketing Your Retail Store – In the Internet Age

I love this book!

If you operate a retail business, regardless of size or industry, you need to buy this book – now! In my opinion, it is the most practical and tactical business book for retailers who want to learn how to attract and retain customers. For every concept covered, Bob & Susan Negen provide both “Low-Tech Tactics” and “High-Tech Tactics” for the retailer to implement. Continue reading “Book Review: Marketing Your Retail Store – In the Internet Age” »

If a Violinist Performs in a Metro Station and No One Hears …

“It is the recipient who communicates. The so-called communicator, the person who emits the communication, does not communicate. He utters. Unless there is someone who hears, there is no communication. There is only noise.”

– Peter Drucker

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"Short-Circuit" City Admits Defeat

Last week’s headline screamed, “Circuit City to Cut More Than 3,500 Store and IT Jobs, Cut Wages!” The opening paragraph of the AP Report says it all – “…implying that its wages are as subject to discounts as its flat-screen TVs.”

Except, that its (former) employees do not come with a “money-back” guarantee or any “extended warranties.”

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Communications Boot Camp

“Performance feedback is not a synonym for criticism. It can be delivered without demoralizing the employee or breeding defensiveness.”

– DeAnne Rosenberg, Management Consultant

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a three-day workshop that helped me to assess and improve my communication skills. Prior to the workshop, I had a pretty high opinion of my presentation skills. Who was judging me? Certainly I was. And so was my audience. My evaluation sheets always showed very high marks. And yet, I felt that something was missing – that I could improve my delivery. But I couldn’t do it on my own. My ego wouldn’t allow it and I could not accurately critique myself. I needed a dispassionate observer – I needed a coach!

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